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Nutri Bar are proud to be working in collaboration with WhysUp, raising awareness and understanding of mental health and addiction throughout the UK. Since we opened our doors five years ago our mission has been simple, to serve freshly made healthy food whilst supporting the community around us.

WhysUp founders, Mark and Liam, have been lifelong Nutri Bar customers and we’re proud of what they’ve achieved both personally and professionally. WhysUp aims to increase awareness of mental health and addiction, offer prevention and provide advice and guidance.

They’ve written a blog exclusive to Nutri Bar to share more about their experiences and provide tips on how you can look after your mental health and wellbeing.

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When we first set out on our Whysup crusade we thought addiction would be the topic we’d speak about the most due to our personal experiences, and of course this is something we do a lot of, but today we find our selves being asked more and more about mental health and wellbeing.

We think there are a few reasons for mental health and wellbeing being the most sought-after advice;

  1. We all have mental health – it’s two words that encompass our emotions, our social connections, our thoughts and feelings, our ability to solve problems and overcome difficulties and our understanding of the world around us
  2. As a generation we’re working longer and playing harder with three in four of us feeling so stressed that we feel ‘overwhelmed’ or ‘unable to cope’ according to Mental Health Foundation
  3. As a result, there’s a real focus on self-care, mental wellbeing and spirituality that has swept the nation, it’s now ‘on trend’ to be in tune with our mental health as well as our physical health
  4. Wellbeing is applicable to us all and there are thousands of different ways we can each add a sense of wellbeing into our lives (it isn’t just yoga and scented candles!) 
  5. And for Whysup, we think the majority of people like to hear relatable people discuss these subjects in a language that they understand

So, in all honesty we understand the importance of our mental health and wellbeing because we didn’t take care of it, lived the consequence and as a result we now value it so much that we actively look after it.

We don’t claim to be experts, but we do only say something if we believe it.

A Proactive Approach To Wellbeing

Mark and I learnt about wellbeing while in recovery. In simple terms wellbeing is taking care of yourself and recovery is living a good honest life, so the two kind of compliment each other and go hand in hand.

We believe, from speaking to others, that the majority of people only assess their own metal health and wellbeing in response to an issue they are faced with. A reactive approach is often problematic, can you imagine waiting to break a leg before you assess your fitness and then trying to start with an injury?

So, we promote a proactive approach to wellbeing. An overall sense of wellness requires balance in key areas (more on that below) and daily work to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate.

Below is 8 WhysUp ways to improve your own wellbeing:

  • Routine

Try to work out a daily routine, morning and evenings are key. Block out time to fit in the things you need to and want to try – it may not be rigid and flexibility is ok, but if you’ve planned it your chances for doing it are greatly increased.

  • Physical

Do something active every day. This can be different things for different people, and it isn’t all about the gym, but as a minimum go for a walk outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Mental

Do something every day for your mental health, again, this can vary from person to person. We strongly recommend reading or meditating but others prefer expanding their knowledge in new areas or learning new skills.

  • Spiritual

This word is open to interpretation and there are tons of reading online to learn more on the matter. We suggest doing something that’s good for the soul and makes you feel happy.

  • Gratitude

This has become a hugely popular concept in positive psychology and self-help and it truly works for us, although it doesn’t always come easy. People who are grateful are likely to be happier, hopeful and energetic… where do we sign up?!
A good way to start is a list of ‘five things I’m grateful for today’. Do this last thing at night so the final things on your mind are positive.

  • Diet

Ollie and the guys at Nutri Bar are able to advise on nutrition in greater detail, but it isn’t all about food. What you watch, listen to and read are your mental health diet, so make sure it isn’t all junk!

  • Connect / Talk

There is a common theme in all therapies and that is talking. Make an effort to have one proper conversation each day with someone you value. It may be for your benefit or even theirs but get into the habit of talking regularly.

  • R &R

Lastly, make time for proper rest and relaxation – you body and mind need this, we live hectic lives and it’s easy to get lost in to-do lists. Its ok to have an hour doing very little each day!

Try some of our top tips out to boost your wellbeing, enjoy the journey and stick with new self-care rituals for a minimum of two weeks before you make any judgement. None of the above is a miracle cure but consistent effort and inclusion in your day will probably leave you feeling better than when you started.

To hear us talk more about things just like this come and give us a follow on Instagram @whysupofficial.

Mark and Liam x


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